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Market Reserch Services

Synergy Marketing Consultancy LLC has significantly expanded its portfolio of offerings meant for the Market Research industry. Our growth story is built on deep domain experience and expertise. We are good at adapting to evolving technology and MR landscape to emerge as the first choice of partners for outsourcing Market Research end to end activities. Along with demonstrable RoI, our full service offerings also help clients with uncovering newer opportunities and avenues to enhance their bottom-lines. For any and every type of MR study, we have a team that can augment your core strength and let you service your client in with the same level of professionalism and caliber.


Project Management

Our “team” is the differentiator. Our core team has 50+ years of cumulative experience in executing Market Research services. We have 25 full time employees and 175+ freelancers assisting us in data collection across the GCC countries
Our expirenced team has scope, time, quality and budget and tacle secondary challenge to optimize the allocation of necessary inputs and apply them to meet pre-defined objectives.
Our team expertise in 5 Phases of Project Management:

  Project Initiation
Project Planning
 Project Execution
 Project Performance/Monitoring
  Project Closure

Scripting Services

We have a team of survey programming experts and software programmers, to power up our Survey Scripting team. Our experience gives us the confidence to take on survey scripting across scale and complexity of the research study. Be it multi-lingual, mobile-centric, multi-country, or huge tracker studies, we are equipped with the best blend of resources, technology, and innovation to let you score heavily in terms of an engaging survey.
Our team can help with the following:

  Dimensions - CATI/CAPI/CAWI scripts / Excel interface for translation.
Other platforms - NIPO & Confirmit (client has to provide interface)
 PAPI Data Entry Script
  • EXE file for data entry
  • Rigorous logical and range checks
  • Error free data
  • As per client data map & format
  • Initial (remote) training on use of software

Data Processing

For better insights, the data that is being for analytics needs to pass through various stages – transformation, merging, validating, coding of OE data, and tabulating it for best results. This is where the dedicated data processing team at Neoteric Research shows its true forte as a truly global company. We have the resources and the flexibility to adapt our expertise to our specific data set and use the numbers to extract true blue insights.

Below are our expertise:
  Data Preparation
  • DATA map / entry / cleaning / coding / merging
  • DATA from CATI/CAPI - for e.g. Confirmit
  • DATA formats – ASCII, DDF, XLS, SPSS (.SAV), SAS (.SAS)
  Data Tabulation
  • Cross tabulations & pivot tables
  • On Quantum, SPSS, SAS and QUANVERT
  • Absolute numbers, percents and basic statistics
  • Simple ad-hoc to complex multi country jobs
  • Hierarchical data, complex weighting
  • Transform, analyze and create reports between Quantum, SPSS, Excel and SAS.

Data Collection

Our Data Collection competencies, you can be assured of the data to be collected in line with the exclusive requirement of your survey project. Our proprietary panels as well as vendor partnerships ensure that you get the sample your survey needs, irrespective of the market, quotas, qualification, or methodology.
We provide tailored market research methods, insight and solutions. We are able to do this because when designing the research program we will ensure that the research is both actionable and meaningful to our clients.

Data collection methodologies:
  Offline Methodology -
  • F2F ( PAPI & CAPI) / CATI Interviews
  • Mystery Shopping / Exit Interviews / CLT / Car Clinics /Panel Recruitments / Product tests
Online Panel

We provide access to consumer insights with our Online Panels that gives you the leading edge functionality and intuitive responses with superior flexibility. ....Read More


Translation / Text Coding

We have 20 plus operators to help us with data entry and our emphasis is on accuracy and speed with rigorous logical and range checks, we are committed to timely delivery in desired format. For Open ended coding we have bilingual coders who are proficient in Arabic & English and the valuable insights beyond numbers.
We offer translation services to the market research industry globally. We offer a comprehensive suite of market research and translation services, all aimed at delivering the highest levels of value, insight and impact. Our exclusive team of native translators helps us to ensure we provide high quality translation services at competitive cost to our clients. We can offer translation services in various languages, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Bhasa and other languages and a very competitive price. Our expertise, dedication and cost effectiveness makes us one of the better options in the market to manage and provide research and translation services for your organization


Analytics dashboards tell compelling stories, bringing to life data lost in spreadsheets, databases, and other sources—whether they sit on-premises or in the cloud. Powerful, well-designed dashboards that combine performance with ease of use enable people to ask deeper questions. They become the springboard to uncover hidden insights and help decisions be data driven. By using a self-service, visual analytics platform, you'll empower people to create dashboards in a secure, governed environment, building trust that the right, up-to-date data is being used for analysis.
Key features -

  • Online secure portal
  • Real time viewing
  • Multiple filters
  • Visually stunning looks

Our team uses -


Advance Analysis

Advanced analytics is an umbrella term for a group of high-level methods and tools that can help you get more out of your data. The predictive capabilities of advanced analytics can be used to forecast trends, events, and behaviors. This gives organizations the ability to perform advanced statistical models such as “what-if” calculations, as well as to future-proof various aspects of their operations.

Our Expertise -